Lift and Slide REHAU Brillant-Design
Individual decision for special comfort at you home


More glass – high comfort at you home

Welcoming a bright sunny day, enjoying this panoramic view or simply extending a room by opening your beautifully large balcony door! If this is what you dream of, a lift- and slide door from REHAU Brilliant-Design is the system you want. More glass means more natural light and with this, more living comfort in a light and friendly atmosphere.

This design offers a unique combination of oversized openings, compression sealed technology for high energy performance and effortless sash operation all in a traditional sliding panel aesthetic.


Your advantages:

  • Very good thermal insulation

  • Термично разделяне на царгата и прага

  • 4 chambers technology

  • Variety of colours upon your wish

  • Angles of 20° and exterior rays of 5 mm for an elegant optics

  • Suitable for floor to ceiling glazing, conservatories and a total width of up to 10 meters

  • Noise control by up to 44mm thick glass sheets

  • High definition finishing surface: high-quality, refined, high degree of smoothness and therefore particularly easy to care for 

  • High quality of materials and construction, attested by countless job tests


Technical information:


Thermal insulation

Uf до 1,9 W/m²K

Construction depth:

70 mm / 4 chambers

Burglary protection:

Up to resistance class 2




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Maintenance tips

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Some Facts

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