Euro-Design 86 windows

The greater thermal insulation value for your home


Saving energy with high thermal insulation

Euro-Design 86 plus is an economic system with a depth 86 mm in order to provide a very good insulation. The high construction depth of 86 mm of the windows offer you the possibility to install any insulating window of up to 3 lamellae. Furthermore, The multilateral technique uses air as an efficient insulation environment. The 6 chambers construction provides very good thermal insulation values – up to UW = 0,84 W/m²K. This helps the reduction of electrical consumption therefore it is economically and environmentally friendly. 


Your advantages in brief:

  • Very good thermal insulation

  • Two seals provide protection against cold, dust and moisture

  • High tightness capacity to wind and rain in showers, due to the intelligent geometry of profiles and to steel reinforcing High definition finishing surface: high-quality, refined, high degree of smoothness and therefore particularly easy to care for 

  • High quality of materials and construction, attested by countless job tests

  • High investment security thanks to fulfilled EnEV-standards.

  • contemprorary design for doors and balcony doors

  • Many architectonic possibilities through individual form such as: round, triangular windows or windows bars may be performed Various possibilities for expression through the large range of decorative foils, as well as through painting

  • Recommended for the classes with low energy consumption and energetic efficiency refurbishments



Technical information:


Thermal insulation:

Uf до 1,1 W/m²K

Construction depth:

86 mm / 6 chambers

Burglary prevention:

Up to resistance class 2

Sound insulation:

Up to  4





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