REHAU Euro-Design 70

Classic profile system at 70 mm width
The economically efficient solution for your home
Euro design 70 windows provide cozy climate at your home.  The good thermal insulation and proven Rehau quality standards turn Euro Design 70 into economically efficient window system with many applications.  Various shapes, colours and design sashes open up diverse design opportunities.


Your advantages in brief:

  1. Good thermal insulation

  2. Individual opportunities for windows and balcony doors sashes designs

  3. Wide range of shapes, colours and profiles for your wishes

  4. Two seals provide protection against cold, dust and moisture

  5. High definition finishing surface: high-quality, refined, high degree of smoothness and therefore particularly easy to care for 

  6. High quality of materials and construction, attested by countless job tests


Technical information:


Thermal insulation:

Uf до 1,3 W/m²K

Construction depth:

70 mm / 5 chambers

Burglary prevention:

Up to resistance class 2 

Sound insulation:

Up to 4



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Maintenance tips

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Some Facts

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